The Christian life was never meant to be solely about events or a place that we go.  The normative rhythm of our life as followers of Jesus was not meant to be attending church on Sunday, or a mid-week event, with the rest of the time spent building our own kingdom.  Because of Jesus’ continued rescue of his people and the new identity we have been given through him, we are learning how to live out new rhythms. 


We listen to God’s voice knowing that his Spirit speaks to us.  We want to be a people with ears that hear, eyes that see, and hearts that perceive.  This is a normal part of our everyday life.  We also listen to each other as a family, willing to risk and be vulnerable with each other.  We listen with Gospel ears believing that what Jesus has done and is doing is the answer in every situation.  We also listen to our culture as a missionary people, looking for needs we can meet with the love of Jesus and who we can partner with to be a blessing.


God has always blessed his people, in order that they would be a blessing to the world.  We believe everything we have; our time, energy, gifting, houses, kids, money and anything else we are blessed with, are not our own.  It’s all God’s.  We have been blessed to be a blessing.  In light of this, we want to use all we have for the sake of others, in order to glorify God.


We regularly eat together to remind each other of our common need and how Jesus satisfies that need. Jesus tells us that it’s around a meal we are to remember him and what he has done to rescue us.  We think it is no coincidence that God created us with the need to eat regularly, to remember his great provision for us in Christ.


We want to regularly celebrate God’s extravagant love for us.  Jesus has rescued us, set his affections on us, made us right with God, and given us a brand new life.  We have more reason to celebrate and throw a party than anyone.


This Rhythm is a reminder that the work is already done. We get to rest, play, create and restore beauty, because God has accomplished everything in Christ.  When Jesus said it was finished; it was.  There is nothing more we have to do or prove to make ourselves right with God.  This rhythm also reminds us that we work differently now because we trust that God provides all we need.